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Okay, shut the fuck up. Do you think I give a fuck if people think I am cool or not? I decided to make a post of something awesome my mother said. Simple as that.

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callmejadey said: Hey, so I saw your rant on spider man and I thought I'd sorta share my opinion? It's not meant to be a forceful one just simply my take on what you said? :) Ill post it and then msg you so you can see it, if thats ok?

Yeah that’s fine. I love reading other people’s opinion. ^-^


HI GUYS! I HAVEN’T BEEN ON IN A WHILE. BEEN KINDA M.I.A! SORRY…..But I promise to post more….( just bug me about it if I don’t get to it )

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Haha, thanks. Btw, you’re a lovely person and you just made my day c:

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Why do I this to myself ?


First of all, to all those who keep saying The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was horrible…just no. Okay everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that movie was phenomenal.

Andrew Garfield portrayed Spider-Man like his supposed to be, a joker who gets back up when he falls down. While Tobey’s Spider-Man, didn’t make as many jokes and took being Spider-Man too serious. In the beginning, I loved Tobey as Spidey. Now, I realize that all this time Tobey sort of had a negative attitude towards being Spider-Man. Tobey was more afraid and couldn’t handle losing all the ones he loved. Especially MJ (that emo stage tho) and it’s kind of understandable since he loves her.

While Andrew’s Spider-Man knew he was going to get his loved ones hurt. That reality scared him, but made him a stronger as an individual.

For me Spider-Man 2 was the best spidey movie. UNTIL, I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was beautiful…all of it to the plot, characters, emotions, scenes, villains, and it’s heart breaking moments. The one thing that made this movie so incredibly amazing was Gwen Stacy.

Lets face it, MJ was a damsel in distress in the Spider-Man movies. While Gwen decided to help out and risk her life. Which brings me to why Andrew is my new favorite Spider-Man verses Tobey.

The death of Gwen Stacy crushed Peter. He couldn’t function right for 10 months (if I remember right?). He lost the women he loved and he basically blamed it all on himself. The whole scene where Gwen dies kills me because of Peter’s reaction. He thought he saved her, but when he realized he didn’t and broke down…That scene broke my heart…just shattered it into pieces. Of course the city of NY needed Spidey and when he heard Gwen’s speech he knew that he had to keep going…

What makes a great movie? Characters who make you feel every emotion under the sun. That was Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They delivered it and it was simply perfect