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when people ask you personal questions


a pjo/hoo infographic (insp) (x)   

Anonymous said: That Cartoon Network picture is a segment specific to that one show, they have one with ALL the characters. So literally stop taking things out of context to seem cool, it's really pathetic.

Okay, shut the fuck up. Do you think I give a fuck if people think I am cool or not? I decided to make a post of something awesome my mother said. Simple as that.

This is what happens when it’s 1am and you start spamming your friend with stupid shit.

callmejadey said: Hey, so I saw your rant on spider man and I thought I'd sorta share my opinion? It's not meant to be a forceful one just simply my take on what you said? :) Ill post it and then msg you so you can see it, if thats ok?

Yeah that’s fine. I love reading other people’s opinion. ^-^


HI GUYS! I HAVEN’T BEEN ON IN A WHILE. BEEN KINDA M.I.A! SORRY…..But I promise to post more….( just bug me about it if I don’t get to it )